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Post-Apocalyptic images of Japan Source

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<sma갈소원 as Sailor moon

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one, two, three.

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Minseok was passing by and then he saw Vixx and greeted them.

Seems like Minseok was walking alone and Vixx saw him and went down the van to greet him.

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himlo ♥

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Polar bear cub climbing his mother [x]

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Chen: “Back in the dorms, if we call Luhan’s name out of nowhere, Luhan turns around & says, ‘What, you assholes…’” Since Chen and Luhan were both explaining/demonstrating this, they both actually said the word, “assholes,” in front of the fans. Chen was about to go into further details but Xiumin started panicking and told Chen to grab a hold of himself.


@ Kris’s b-day event

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